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The terrible twos

This blog is now two years old. I originally conceived of it as a means to expose some of my doctoral research as I came close to completion of my PhD. I have continued it so I can make observations about accounting and financial reporting issues in China. I hope that I am having a positive impact.

Google Analytics provides some amazing data about my readers. There have been over 95,000 visits to this blog and it now sees about 6,000 visitors a month. There can’t be many more people than that interested in Chinese accounting!

The most popular post was the one I did on Explaining VIE structures. It has been looked at 36,000 times. It is a bit dated now, although it is still one of the most popular pages. I recently wrote a more comprehensive article on the topic and I will post that soon. 

My most loyal readers are from the SEC and PCAOB, which is not surprising given my content. Lawyers and accountants have told me that my blog has become a must-read for them, since many of the issues I raise in my posts end up in SEC comment letters a few weeks later. I take that as a confirmation that my work is having an impact. Investment banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and the stock exchanges are also big readers. I get many visits from universities. My work has spawned a fair amount of academic work in the area. That is good, because I am too lazy to do it myself. 

I am still having fun with this blog, and I will continue it as long as that is still the case. I thank all my readers for their support. 

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