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Big Four as top China employers

The ChinaHR annual list of top employers in China is out. It ranks companies based on compensation, brand, corporate culture, and career development. State-owned enterprises dominate the list, yet 18 of the top 50 are foreign companies, an increase of eight from last year. 

Three accounting firms made the cut. PwC breaks into the Top 50 at 30th place. It was unranked last year. In the United States, a similar study by Fortune places PwC at 48th.

KPMG comes in at 37th. It was also unranked last year.  In the U.S. KPMG is 94th.

Deloitte is ranked 47th in China. It was not ranked last year.  It is 67th in the Fortune study. 

Ernst & Young did not make the top 50 in China.  It is 59th in the U.S.

The top five slots went to:

1. China Mobile
2. Proctor & Gamble  
3. Baidu
4. Google
5. Huawei

Google is ranked #1 in the US.

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